A2 Milk Now Available in Bharuch!

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Is your family drinking the right milk?

Many individuals get exposed to multiple kinds of risks in their daily lives, and most of them can be due to the ingestion of unhealthy food and drinks like adulterated cow milk or a milk product. Milk is an essential part of the daily Indian diet, especially for growing kids, and several milk brands in the market offer milk & milk products, which are not as HEALTHY, SAFE and BENEFICIAL, as the organic A2 Desi Gir cow milk. The importance of opting for the healthier-organic A2 desi cow milk bottle is increasing, as the health risks related to A1 cow milk are numerous.

A1 Milk – The Devil!

  • Milk from Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire, and British Shorthorn breeds of cows has A1 beta-casein.
  • A1 has a pesky histidine amino acid. The entire basis of the problem with A1 cow milk is its pesky histidine amino acid at position 67.
  • That one amino acid change means when the A1 protein breaks down, it can create the peptide BCM-7 (Beta-casomorphin-7).
  • BCM-7 is related to the opiate family and is known to have a wide range of effects. Peptides can have all kinds of ill-effects on the human body.
  • In the new hybrid breeds, (A1 cows), the Histidine holds a weak bond with BCM 7, and is released in the GI tract of cow and can enter the human body on the consumption of A1 cow milk and interfere with the digestive system and internal organs.
  • BCM 7 may trigger adverse health effects in humans like delayed psycho-motor (brain-to-muscle) development, type-1 diabetes, coronary heart disease, infant death, autism, and digestive problems.
  • Giant milk companies do not maintain their herd, and they procure any sort of milk from farmers or small dairy units, in turn delivering A1 milk to many households.

A2 Milk – Just as nature intended!

  • A2 Desi Cow Milk obtained from a humped Indian cow (Gir, Sahiwal, etc.) is a good source of calcium and protein.
  • Only desi-humped Indian cow milk contains 98% A2 protein, which is the elixir for life.
  • A2 cows are the earlier breeds of cows like the desi Indian cows that produce this protein in milk along with an amino acid called Proline.
  • Proline is bonded to a small protein called BCM 7, which prevents it from getting into the nutritious A2 cow milk.
  • A2 milk is as healthy as the mother’s milk and contributes to building immunity, increasing metabolism, and providing Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids contribute to mental & physical growth, as well.
  • It is easier to digest, offers excellent nutrition – for nerve and brain development; it enhances body immunity, and protects the body from harmful radiation.

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